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The good and bad of getting distracted

The best thing about taking part in creative challenges is the raw flow of inspiration that often happens.
And sometimes, it’s the worst too!

I often find I’m so full of ideas and inspiration when I get into an art challenge like ICAD (decorate an index card each day during June & July), that I find it hard to keep going with the challenge itself.

I haven’t finished an art challenge in years because I always become distracted. I used to beat myself up each time because I thought the point of an art challenge was to finish. I felt I’d failed by not doing so.

One day, I realised that the benefit I’ve had from taking part in art challenges is the enforced daily creativity. The daily art practice these art challenges promoted inspired me to take the leap into creating art that didn’t fit the challenge and that was okay.

I gave myself a pat on the back for showing up and taking part, and then gave myself permission to go with the flow and follow my inspiration where it led. Daily creativity was the gateway to creating more and better art and a calmer, happier me.


I still take part in art challenges, but I no longer feel bad for not completing the full thing.

Rather, I allow myself to become distracted if inspiration strikes mid-challenge and have fun with it!

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