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Getting unstuck with cardboard

Available as print or greeting card

I’m a perfectionist at heart, so quite often I’m just plain intimidated by my own expectations.  When I’m feeling particularly stuck, I’ll often paint on scraps of corrugated cardboard.
It’s truly freeing because I plan to throw it away anyway, so I feel like anything beyond that is purely a bonus.

The painting on the scrap of cardboard below ended up being the image I used on my Christmas cards a couple of years ago.

Christmas List
Greeting cards available later in 2017

One of the hardest things I’ve found is the need to let go of wanting every painting I begin to be perfect.
Remembering that the times I learn the most are when I’m not happy but keep pushing myself through it.

When I paint on cardboard, I have a different attitude to creating. I play more, and focus less on what the outcome will be.  I’m reminded of the importance of the creative process over the created product.

It encourages me to experiment with supplies I’ve forgotten, to cover things up and completely redo areas if I’m not happy with them, instead of trying to force things to fit the first image I’ve imagined as I work.


Easter Girl
Available as a print

I also enjoy the texture of cardboard and the ripple effect that the corrugation gives, which is really obvious in the Easter painting above – just as long as you don’t press too hard.

Even cereal boxes come in handy for trying something new at times.  I’ve made postcards and covers for display folders that way.

If I truly fall in love with what I’ve created, then I’ll frame the original for my wall, like I did with Beauty in the Journey.
Does this work for you, and if not, how do you get over feeling stuck?

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