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The good and bad of getting distracted

The best thing about taking part in creative challenges is the raw flow of inspiration that often happens.
At the moment, it’s the worst too!

I’ve been so full of ideas in the last week thanks to the ICAD challenge (decorate an index card a day), that I’m finding it even harder to keep going with the challenge itself..

Painting on thick, absorbent watercolour paper has become a passion for me since March (thanks to XXX at @30daysofpaperplay), so I’ve been using it to create lots of luscious backgrounds for my characters since then.

And this week I became even more distracted. I began painting characters on the paper, instead of creating for ICAD.
There’s been a stream of nothing-much background-type cards and I haven’t shared¬†any of them online.

While I’m loving the results of my distraction and the creative flow I have going, it’s going to take some real work to get my focus back onto the challenge I’ve set for myself for the months of June and July. ¬†(wish me luck!)

– And if you’re taking part in the 2017 Index Card a Day challenge, please leave me a comment to let me know how you’re managing to stay so focused!

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