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Index Card a Day 2015

Something you should really try out this month is Daisy Yellow’s Index Card A Day.

index card a day 2015 #2
ICAD runs from the beginning of June to the end of July each year, but you can join in anytime.

You just do something creative on an index card each day for 60 days, it’s a fantastic way of building a regular creative habit.

index card a day 2015 #3
I did a few cards last year and really enjoyed it, so this year I was ready and waiting to join in. Because I haven’t been sharing online much this year, it’s serving a double – no triple – purpose for me.

As well as establishing a daily creative habit, I’m making sure to share more with my friends on instagram and facebook once more. Something I’ve really missed, and it’s been great to reconnect with everyone again.

I also decided that I want to really focus on painting faces, so every card I do will have a face of some kind.

I began the One Hundred Faces art challenge earlier in the year for just that reason and totally stalled at only three faces (which was kind of embarrassing), so this is another way to get back into that too.

Way to multitask, huh?
But wait, there’s more!
I also get to share my favourite ICAD’s-slash-Faces right here on my blog, which has also felt the pain of my neglect.

Who else out there is doing Index Card a Day or 100 Faces?

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  • It’s good to see you being creative again with your painting. I look forward to your posts on Instagram ( I’m not on Facebook much anymore). I’ve missed your blog too, but I understand that sometimes life gets in the way

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