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Beating blank canvas syndrome – the scraps drawer

I’ve picked up so many little bits and pieces of paper around the place that it can be overwhelming.

Now I have a desk that I love and a dedicated creative space I decided to designate one of those lovely timber drawers to holding my scrap collection.

Everything from air mail stickers to clothing tags, lolly wrappers to scraps torn from paper serviettes or wrapping paper.

In it goes… to be swirled around and join the mish-mash of ephemera that will inspire my future artworks.

Not everything actually fits into the drawer, it’s more of a representative sample of what I’ve collected over time.

The rest goes in a large airtight box that lives in the garage and will get periodically raided to freshen up the drawer’s contents.

And they’ll be waiting there next time I’m sitting in front of my desk, with a glaringly white canvas before me.

I grab my favourite acrylics, glue & brush, and thrust my hand blindly into that drawer, to clutch a handful of pretties and begin.

Give it a try next time the dreaded blank canvas bails you up in a corner, and let me now how it works for you..

Cheers, jane 🙂

ps – linking to paint party friday – happy ppf everyone!

7 thoughts on “Beating blank canvas syndrome – the scraps drawer”

  • Ha! I love the scrap drawers. I have quite a few filled ones myself. I can’t bear to throw out pretty papers so I keep even the smallest scrap. Your art is lovely by the way. Such cute characters with adorable faces!

  • I actually find that scrappy collage makes me more paralyzed, not less – weird, I know. I think I get this idea that the scraps are somehow valuable. At any rate, I do better by just laying down lots of rich color, and seeing where I go from there.

  • Oh, Jane, I love that drawer full of yummy scraps. It just makes me happy to look at it. I have more of a pile than a drawer. The drawers are full of paint and other stuff I just HAD to have. Thank you for visiting my blog.

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