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art journaling – revisiting a favourite

I’ve been looking back at my 2014 dreams journal today, and fell back in love with this American Indian girl who appeared as if by magic.

I didn’t plan to paint an indian.

I’ve learnt to avoid planning to paint anything in particular, because it makes me freeze up until I’m unable to create anything.

The only thing I plan is that there will usually be a figure of some sort.

So for days I looked at the background, not seeing anything, and then she jumped out of the landscape.

Whenever this happens, I just know I’m going to love the finished piece.

Her body is wrapped up in a soft, warm pink blanket to protect her from the shocking weather of her homeland.

And I love her hair, lying in tangled plaits across her shoulders.

I’d love to know, what’s your biggest challenge when it comes to your art?

jane xx

6 thoughts on “art journaling – revisiting a favourite”

  • I’m not very artistic unfortunately but I know what I like and your work is just so appealing. I always advocate putting on the kettle and having a cuppa when I can’t decide. A nursing session with the cat can sometimes make things clearer too. Sometimes when I used to knit, I would have to put down the more intricate work for a couple of days so I could sort out the pattern problems. Sleeping on it always gave me more clarity. Don’t forget to keep sharing, I look forward to each painting. xxx

  • Hope you make use of your lovely new art space Jane! And watching you is art in itself… Sometimes so focused you forget everything else, other times fussing and dabbling and chipping away at a stumbling block, it is a quite unique, interesting and inspiring experience just observing the process of “layers” unfold..

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