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Minions for Mr Underfoot

About a week before Christmas we visited the Animal Welfare League shelter at Kemp’s Creek, so L & R could adopt a kitten each.

Merry Christmas from a sleepy Gigi and manic Dash

It’s something we’ve talked about for years, but first we were renting and then our little house was already cramped. Imagine it with two active little furballs racing around!
Once we added a new living room last year and had more space, there was no reason to wait.

Plus, it’s someone for Mr Underfoot to boss around. He’s 14 now and while play is no longer his favourite pastime, he quite likes watching their antics. – so long as they remember their place.
And he’s a constant source of fascination for them, too.

He spends a lot of time outdoors during the day (while they will remain indoor cats), but has taken to checking in two or three times between breaky and tea.
Just to make sure everyone is behaving themselves.

All of our cats over the years have been adopted from shelters – except Mr U, who found us. Animals of all ages deserve a second chance.

This time we chose kittens rather than older cats, because kittens are playful and we needed their help to tire out the kids so we can get some rest ourselves.
Next time we’ll go for someone a bit older, who can be Mr Underfoot’s snoozebuddy (and mine).


Personally, I prefer a furry friend who will sit or lay beside me for company as I paint – rather than trying to join in and savaging my paintbrushes in the night (not pointing any fingers).

Welcome home, Gigi and Dash.
Life will never be the same..

ps – please excuse the break from topic, I’ll be back with more arty goodness in a week or so.

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