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3 lovely art supplies I’m using right now

I’ve been trying lots of interesting new supplies over the last year, here’s the three I’m enjoying most at the moment.

washi tape is fantastic for mixed media

Washi Tape

I first bought some of this online a couple of years ago and loved it – but I only had three different rolls, so I avoided using it because I didn’t want to run out!

Since then, my lovely friend Sandie sent me a wonderful package full of goodies including some beautiful washi tape, and more recently I found our local Office Works store had some and bought a heap of them.
So now I’m not afraid to use it up!

It sticks to just about anything, and the variety of patterns is seemingly endless. One warning though… it can be seriously addictive!

I’m not sure how many different patterns I have, but to make them easier to choose from I turned an old coat hanger into a holder for them.
The hook at the top makes it easy to add or remove rolls as I use or replace them.



Gold and Silver paper from a local Chinese supermarket

I was browsing through a local Chinese supermarket hoping to find something interesting and found these packs of mixed gold and silver coated paper.  It was a couple of dollars, so definitely worth buying to try out. -Plus the label has the loveliest artwork, and I’m a sucker for a pretty label!
The gold/silver actually comes off a little when you rub it, and I really liked the effect of the reddish paper showing through after I glue it down. I think it looks kind of tarnished or worn away by time.


sharpie oil-based markers

Sharpie oil-based markers

I love that these are opaque, and because they’re oil based they peek through the layers of acrylics I put over them.
The only problem I’ve had is using them over the shiva paintstiks; I ruined the tip of the nib on my gold pen by using it on top of the oil paintstiks before they dried.

The ink still comes out, but won’t flow all the way to the nib, so I’m keeping the ruined one for making splotches on my backgrounds and have ordered another to use more cautiously 😉

So what supplies are you loving right now?

Happy Paint Party Friday,
jane 🙂

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