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It’s been nearly two weeks since I shared here last, how on earth did that happen?!

Bring Your Bucket and Spade - archival print by jane coquillon - etsy listing

The kids are back at school now thankfully, and I’ve done a little painting but not as much as I’d hoped.

I’ve been feeling kind of stale so I’ve been doodling a lot, recharging my creative batteries so to speak.

Green Dress - archival print of painting by jane coquillon

Our super-lovely niece came to stay for the weekend, and it was absolutely wonderful to spend some quality time with her at long last.

We had a lovely time on Sunday, spending the day on Sydney Harbour, riding the ferries all day.

Andre & I didn’t get her to ourselves for more than an hour or two because our two are as besotted with her as we are!

Towards the Light - archival print of original painting by jane coquillon

I’m also gradually adding archival prints of my 2013 paintings to my etsy store at the moment.

Today’s images are a few of those that are available so far.

Chocolate sounded pretty good - archival print of original art by jane coquillon

The other bit of news I can share today (finally) is that I’m being featured in Mixed Media May this year!!

I feel so honoured, I’m keeping company with some amazing artists!

Crowned - archival print of art by jane coquillon

I can’t tell you when my interview will be live on the website yet… if I did, I’d have to kill you and I need all the readers I can get here.

However I will be announcing it on the day, so stay tuned for more info soon!

Today I’m linking to Inspire Me Tuesday.

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