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Faces, sixteen seventeen eighteen

29 Faces 2013I’ve been slack in posting this week firstly because I’m still CFS-tired after over-doing it last week, and then I had stitches in my arm and then Mr9 was home sick on Thursday & Friday.

So my excuses are good 😉

For faces 16 & 17, I painted a larger piece with two faces.
It’s called “Look!”, and measures 7×5 inches.

"Look!" - original mixed media girl cat painting - 7x5in canvas panel

The little bald girl is holding the fantastic kitty balloon that she got at the fair. I think her expression just shouts “Look what I got!”, hence the name 😉

Usually I just paint or draw, and it’s not until well after I’ve finished that I realise what it was actually about.
Hubby says her expression reminds him of my excitement over my art, and the balloon symbolises a new painting. Which makes sense to me 🙂

Face #18 is a little ACEO (3.5 x 2.5in).

A little bald girl wearing a big, bright bow, “Feeling Blue“…

29 Faces 2013 - Feeling Blue ACEO (3.5 x 2.5in) - mixed media girl painting

I really love the texture and feel of this one.
Having suffered with depression in the past, I know that sometimes all you can do is surround yourself with bright, cheerful colours and hope and pray it won’t take too long to pass.

On a brighter note, how did you do with the 29 Faces challenge?
Are you still going, given up, or did you manage to finish on time?


2 thoughts on “Faces, sixteen seventeen eighteen”

  • doesn’t it mess with your creative week when the littlies are off sick… I had that the week before and it made me a tad grumpy all weekend… I think you managed well all things considered and I love the kitty balloon one… love your use of soft colours, but they are still strong if you know what I mean…xx

    • Oh, it does!
      I’m still catching up, and the worst thing is I have my first (sort-of) commission piece that I’m working on & I’ve been sooo slow 🙁
      And we’re hosting Mr9’s birthday party at home on Saturday, so there’s so much to do!
      Thanks for your encouragement.. xox

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