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Faces, thirteen fourteen fifteen

29 Faces 2013Catching up!

Well, getting closer anyway.

At least, I’m up to #21 here at home – give me time, and I’ll get them all added here 😉

So, on with the show.

Face number thirteen, a hairy girl again! I named her “Just Blossom“.

29 Faces 2013 - "Just Blossom", mixed media girl painting on 4x4in canvas panel

I based this girlie on the same sketch as the earlier hairy girl to get her hair how I wanted it.

I definitely like their large foreheads, which explains why I’ve had such a hard time adding hair.
-I kept wanting to give them fringes, and it just doesn’t look right.

For faces fourteen and fifteen, I did some doodling on paper for a change.

29 faces 2013 - girlie doodle 29 faces 2013 - teddy doodle


The girlie doesn’t really grab me. Not sure whether it’s her lips or just the shape of her head, but she just doesn’t jump out at me and shout “Wow!”

I’m quite taken with Teddy, though. I think I’m going to have to paint him before too long, because I keep on looking at him and smiling!

Hope you’re enjoying the 29 Faces Challenge as much as I am, and seeing your faces improve day by day!

7 thoughts on “Faces, thirteen fourteen fifteen”

    • I know! It’s been the best experience, I’ve gotten into such a good work pattern & learnt so much 😀

      – Have to be honest though, I’m kind of looking forward to a leetle bit of a break!

  • Again so cute and loveley. Hope you will finnish all the 29… I finnised my part, but I’m not ready jet, I will go on to 100 faces. Hope you come and vissit my blog sometime.
    Liefs, Melanie

    • I’m hoping to finish, Melanie!

      Unfortunately I’ve been pretty tired this week with my CFS & then my 9yo son was home sick on Thurs & Fri, and I have my first (sort-of) commissioned painting to finish – so no rest for the wicked!

      I’ll try and make it over to your blog somewhere in there to see how you’re doing with your 100 faces (wow!) 😀

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